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Steps involved in Installing a Kitchen Fire Suppression System

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RDDNY operates in the state of New York providing several unique and innovative solutions and products related to the restaurant business including the restaurant exhaust hood and kitchen fire suppression systems. Our solutions range from restaurant design and construction to restaurant consulting and construction management.

This document reflects upon the vital steps that needed in order to install a fire suppression system manually.

Installation Process

  • After separating the wire cable activation lines that are used for fusible links, you need to remotely pull the station provided as an additional measure for safety. The integral design of the fire suppression system allows you to directly connect the actuation pressure cylinder with the control head without any requirement for high-pressure hose or pipe.
  • You may require a schedule 40 black iron, stainless steel or a chrome plated pipe as an unbalanced piping network although simplifies the application design and thus the installation but requires no additional piping to be connected to the system’s pressure cylinders that contain the extinguishing agent.
  • The cylinders need to be installed that either contains or required to be filled with PYRO-CHEM Potassium Carbonate aqua chemical solution and needs to be stored at a 225 psi according to the 15.5 bar measure. The cylinders must include a pressure gauge that helps the maintenance checks visually. The available sizes in the market include a 1.6, 3.0, 4.6 and 6.0 gallons that provide 5, 10, 15, and 20 coverage of flow point respectively.
  • The nozzles must be fitted in accordance that the movement to be allowed is at least 30o.
  • Pull Station of the system allows simple operational instructions with a double action release that minimizes the manual operations done accidentally.
  • The equipment that enables a fusible link detection shall be included to accommodate both series and the terminal subjugation that helps to minimize the inventory and simplifies the ordering. All the vital components are included in the installation for an efficient assembling and installation purposes. A precaution must be taken while ordering the fusible links that their maximum ambient temperatures shall be ordered individually and the maximum limit for 20 fusible links on the 150 ft cable must run with a 40 corner pulleys that are substantial for hazard coverage.
  • The Automatic Gas Shut-Off valve must be installed which complies with the requirements that pertain to the shutting off of the fuel which is explicitly described by the NFPA clause 17A. The setting of this apparatus must be such the control head can be reset after a regular maintenance checking to make it convenient for the technicians.
  • The final step towards installing the kitchen fire suppression attach a flexible conduit that allows for quicker installation processes for the convenience of routing the cables over, under or around the obstacles. This is used as a substitute for the standard installation of EMT conduit and can be used simultaneously with the later as well.


RDDNY offers its extenuating services to the state of New York and other parts of United States that are related to the restaurant business. Aside from offering a wide palette of construction and design services, we also provide the useful apparatus for the restaurant’s kitchens such as the Restaurant Exhaust Hood and the Kitchen Fire Suppression systems.



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