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Building Site Selection

When you are in the process of considering a new location, let us help you choose the right space. We will walk through the site with you and ensure it is suitable for your purpose.

  • Conceptual Layout
  • Utilities Review
  • Permit / Code Review
  • Identify ADA Issues
  • Multiple Site Comparison
  • Structural / Life Safety
  • Restaurant Feasibility (HVAC, Plumbing, Electrical)
  • Assist with Drafting Work Letter

Design & Planning

We provide in house architects and engineers. We also have established relationships other consultants and we are able to assemble custom tailored design teams for our clients’ individual projects

  • Conceptual Planning
  • Value Engineering
  • Draft Project Schedule
  • Budgeting
  • Cost Analysis
  • Project Contract


Permitting & Code Compliance

We can expedite the process of obtaining the necessary permits to ensure your project starts quickly and efficiently.

  • Determine Necessary Permits
  • Permit Expediting
  • American Disability Act Compliance
  • International Building Code Compliance
  • Health Department Permit Submittal


Every client has its own requirements; some want all the bell and whistles while others just want enough to get approval from the Department of Buildings. Either way is valid and we have the expertise to provide very detailed drawings for interior design, space planning and construction details. We adjust ourselves to work with your needs.

We can help you build your project from the ground up

RDDNY Design Build is a dynamic Architect and Interior Design firm. We work with our clients to conceive, plan and execute distinguished projects. We are a fully licensed architectural design firm specializing in restaurants, hospitality and retail projects.


As our clients and the industry have become more environmentally aware, we strive to incorporate as many sustainable opportunities into each of our projects as possible. The firm has several LEED accredited professionals on staff making sure that we provide the most environmentally conscious design based upon our clients’ needs and requirements.

We have changed significantly since our formation in 2008. Our leadership has created a culture of energy, inspiration and talent that adopts a design philosophy that continues to exceed client expectations. RDDNY Design Build brought together staff with varied expertise and client bases, creating a firm with the talent, people power and experience in a broad range of project types, to set a new standard in design excellence.



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